Our Flat Fee Service gets you $25,300 more for your home.
If you sale your home at $500,000



Selling PriceWith buyer’s agentWithout buyer’s agent
Savings to you$12,800$25,300

List your house with full services

We will sell your home faster and for more money than a traditional 3% or discount 1 % agent!

No pricing packages, all Services included.

Home Price that you approve.

Full transparency in your deal.

Our service Include ALL of the following:

  • 1. We provide you with a comparative market analysis to help price your home right.
  • 2.We negotiate your offers on your behalf and guide you through the entire escrow.
  • 3.We will show your property to the buyers who contact us directly
  • 4.Broker’s visit and pricing consultation
  • 5.Save thousands and call (818)451-5057 today!
  • 6.We do Open House
  • 7. Your listing will appear on all public real estate websites.
  • 8.We provide real estate agent key box.
  • 9.We will make the appointments to schedule showings.
  • 10.We list your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for 6 months (12 months if house price is more than $1.5M). Cancel any time. This is the same listing that other people pay agents 6% for.
  • 11.We recommend offering buyers' agents the typical 2-2.5% commission to bring their buyers to your house. But If the buyer does not have an agent and contacts us directly, you will only pay us $4700 instead of 2.5% commission.
  • 12.Real estate “For sale” sign will be installed.


Little or no commissions mean we get you more for your home. And price is the biggest factor.

We answer our phones! We don’t know of any other real estate company that is more responsive to buyers who inquire about a home.Instantly get notified about showings, offers and comments from potential buyers.

We provide online transaction management. No more faxing, scanning, printing and driving across town for meetings, and wasting hours away of your life.

We guide you and help you with everything that matters when it comes to selling your home. We’ll even give you advice you may not want to hear when it’s necessary to get your home sold!

We negotiate contracts every day, and will get you to the best bottom line. 6 We know how to spot and deal with incompetent buyers’ agents and lenders (more common than you would think) who will lead you down a path of wasted time with a transaction that will never close.

We can spot the warning signs in an offer that might look good on the surface. Sellers often get into contracts that never close because they aren’t used to seeing the red flags.

Save thousands! Do not pay 3% or even 1% to any local, hand holding realtor

You get all the benefits and resources of being listed with a top-notch traditional agent, but without the commission.

There is nothing of value that a 3% agent will do for you that we don't do.