Home Buyer Rebate Real Estate Program | Flat Rate LA Real Estate

Our Flat Fee Service gets you $7,020 rebate.
If you buy your home at $500,000



Selling PriceOur commissionRebate to you

We will actually REBATE to YOU 70% of the commissions we collect from the seller of the property, less, $4700 Flat Rate

Our Buyer’s Rebate Program is created for:

Homebuyers who sell their homes with our Flat Fee Service
Homebuyers who want to play a more active role in the home buying process.

We expect the buyer to do much of the legwork that was traditionally big part of what a Realtor was compensated for. Since we're splitting the workload, we share our commission with you!

Our Responsibilities

We will search property for you and provide all listings you might be interesting in.
We will show you 5 properties of your choice. If you want to see more than 5 properties, then your rebate amount will be decreased by 5% for each additional showing.
We will advise you as to current market prices.

We will complete your Offer to Purchase documentation.

We will represent your interests, not the seller’s. We will write and negotiate all offers and coordinate the purchase through all contingencies to successful closing.

How Do I Receive my Buyer Rebate

The rebate is included in the HUD settlement statement. Generally, the rebate is provided as a credit to settlement costs first. Any amount above the total closing costs can be used as part of your down payment or you will be issued a check for the refund at closing, if you choose.

Your rebate is Tax-Free!!

How to get started

  • Contact us so that we can e-mail you a buying agent’s agreement.The buying agent’s agreement must be completed and signed to receive your buyer’s rebate.
  • When you are ready to make an offer, you will contact us with the details of your offer. We will prepare all the necessary paperwork and submit the offer. We will then work with the counteroffers and negotiations to get your contract accepted
  • Get pre-approved financing through a bank or mortgage lender so that you’ll be prepared to make offers. We can help you to obtain a loan if you need to.
  • We will show you 5 houses of your choice. To view more homes in person, you may visit open houses or contact the selling agent to set up a showing. (Very important: please Identify yourself as a customer of Flat Rate LA Real Estate buying agent. If you misrepresent yourself, neither you nor the buying agent will receive any commission and rebate).
  • Provide information about the house you are looking for, so we can search and send you the listings you might be interesting in.v
  • Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, we will help you through the entire escrow to complete the transaction. You can specify if you want your refund applied to your closing cost, or you can request a rebate check at closing.