You get all the benefits and resources of being listed with a top-notch traditional 6% agent, but without the 6% commission. There is nothing of value that a 6% agent will do for you that we don’t do. Our sole focus is on getting your house sold, not on prospecting or using your listing to generate business for us.

List your house with full services


Why you will sell your home faster and for more money with Flat Rate Real Estate than with a traditional 6% agent:

  1. Little or no commissions mean you can afford to sell your home for less. And price is the biggest factor of success in selling a home.
  2. We answer our phones! We don’t know of any other real estate company that is more responsive to buyers who inquire about a home.
  3. We guide you and help you with everything that matters when it comes to selling your home. We’ll even give you advice you may not want to hear when it’s necessary to get your home sold!
  4. We provide online transaction management. No more faxing, scanning, printing and driving across town for meetings, and wasting hours away of your life.
    Want to manage your transaction manually? We can do that as well.

Compare commissions if you sell your home for:

Sales price6% feeFlat Rate feeSavings to you


Flat Fee MLS Listing

Includes ALL of the following:

  1. We list your home in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for 6 months (12 months if house price is more than $1.5M). Cancel any time. This is the same listing that other people pay agents 6% for.
  2. Your MLS listing looks the same as other properties listed in the MLS by 6% agents. We recommend offering buyers’ agents the typical 2.5% commission to bring their buyers to your house.
  3. Any buyers who contact us about your home are referred to you directly without you owing ANY commission.
  4. The odds of getting your house sold faster are INCREASED because we answer our phones for your buyers 7 days a week and after hours, and you can afford to list your home for less because of the commissions you are saving.
  5. We list your home in the local Multiple Listing Services (MLS).
  6. Your listing will appear on all public real estate websites.
  7. Professional photos and more will be provided.
  8. We provide you with a comparative market analysis to help price your home right.
  9. Open House
  10. We will make the appointments to schedule showings.
  11. We provide real estate agent key box.
  12. We negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the entire escrow.
  13. We negotiate contracts every day, and will get you to the best bottom line.
  14. We know how to spot and deal with incompetent buyers’ agents and lenders (more common than you would think) who will lead you down a path of wasted time with a transaction that will never close.
  15. We can spot the warning signs in an offer that might look good on the surface. Sellers often get into contracts that never close because they aren’t used to seeing the red flags.


Natalya is a highly honest and experienced agent. I chose Natalya to be our agent due to her expertise in Los Angeles real estate. I was impressed with her punctuality and energy. Natalya is knowledgeable, extremely reliable and went the extra mile every time to help. Excellent communication skills and always on top of messages. She provided me with the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. She was always proactive but not pushy or overbearing. She is intelligent, pleasant and prompt and she is the example of what a realtor should be. I am more than glad to pay forward the recommendation for her excellent services. Could not be happier!
Natalya was unbelievable throughout the entire process. She is a trustworthy broker who can be relied upon in every instance. We could see from the moment we met her that she could be counted on. You never had to worry about missed emails or calls because she was on top of it all. The coordination with lawyers, brokers, agents, etc. was uncanny. She was very knowledgeable about the area and steered us in the right direction, while always putting our interests first. The best part about Natalya is how easy she is to work with. She is always in time, extremely organized and attentive to our needs. We developed a great relationship with her over the last four months with open communication at all times. I would highly recommend Natalya as your next real estate broker. You will not regret it.
It was an awesome experience. Natalya was outstanding. She responded to calls or texts immediately. She negotiated the price very successfully and she really helped me with a few things I couldn’t get and I would have been lost without her. She is professional, pleasant and prompt. She is the example of what a realtor should be. Natalya is just that advisor who I trust and rely on when making critical decisions and evaluating locations. I would recommend her to anyone I know that is either buying or selling a home.
When we found Natalya — we knew we hit the jackpot when it comes to real estate agents! Within hours of finding her– she helped us land our house in a very competitive market– and we couldn’t be happier! It was such a refreshing feeling to know she was our line of defense against some of the headaches that can come with the exciting but — let’s face it — at times, stressful — part of the real estate process. Not only did we instantly love her personality — we were immediately impressed by her drive to fight to get us the best deal and protect our best interests. If you look at her sales – this year alone – you would be hard-pressed to find another agent with as many sales as she has had! That being said — we often felt like we were her only clients because of her impeccable communication — whether it was prompt responses, keeping us moving along while on a tight deadline — or never making us feel rushed when we would contact her with a question. Natalya is honest and direct – which helped us make quick decisions in an educated way. She is also positive, patient and extremely protective of her clients — which meant the world to us — while we were trying to juggle our families, careers and the sale of our current home. We now know first-hand why Natalya has so many sales, so many five-star ratings, and so much respect from professionals in and around the real estate industry. She also has ridiculously good taste and an open mind when it comes to seeing homes as canvases to make your own…She sees details in houses that most people would overlook, and it’s obvious she knows what she is talking about. She is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her.
Natalya is the best decision that I made. She was very patient and thorough with all questions. I was initially working with another company who continued to give me the run around. I found Natalya to be honest, smart, patient, persistent, and very knowledgeable in her field. She made it a point to learn about my needs. I felt guided but not pushed. The prompt response to my emails and texts, even if they were late at night, was a reassuring sign that I was working with the right agent. During our interactions, I noticed that she always had my best interest in mind. Very quickly, I felt like I had known her for a long time I’d recommend Natalya in a heartbeat. She makes the process fun! Great realtor and an overall great person as well.
I found Natalya on a whim walking home from the store. I got very lucky. She was fantastic to deal with. She got me moving, which was exactly what I wanted. She is very professional, efficient and was there when I needed her for anything at all. Her follow-through and speedy replies definitely helped the process seem not as daunting as it would have. If there is any agent you can count on for a smooth transaction process, that agent would be Natalya! She has become a friend in the process, and I’d definitely go back to her if I decide to buy my new place. Natalya was fantastic at helping me get all my documents, remained completely charming even when I changed my mind after I’d signed off on them. It was a very good experience. I’d recommend Natalya to anyone.
We had the pleasure of working with Natalya and she was phenomenal!!! She was very attentive to our needs, helpful, diligent, and most of all patient with us. Natalya worked around our schedule in the evenings and weekends for several weeks. Her level of expertise cannot be matched. She is someone you can trust and have confidence that she will do always the best for you. Natalya is very enthusiastic, caring, loves her job, is very trustworthy, and was always available when we had questions. We are so glad that Natalya was recommended to us. And we recommend her highly.
If we had to choose one word to describe Natalya, it would be reliable: exactly what you want and expect from a realtor. She is more than capable and very intelligent. I asked her numerous times for her personal opinion, it is very easy to trust her. This is a good thing! We have passed along her name to numerous friends in the Hollywood area, and we can’t speak highly enough of her services. We will continue to work with her whenever we are buying or selling a home in the future.

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