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Well renowned for its stunning beaches, high mountain ranges, lifestyle and picturesque destinations, Los
Angeles is also famous for its luxury homes. Whether it is the contemporary ostentatious estates or the
restored heritages, all offer a luxurious feel to the buyers as well to the sellers. Flat Rate Real Estate is the
firm that takes pride in helping the buyers and sellers with the home purchases and sales in Los Angeles.
If you are planning to sell or buy a home in Los Angeles, you can secure your dream by seeking the
unparalleled services from Flat Rate Real Estate.

If you are planning to sell or buy a home in Los Angeles, you can secure your dream by seeking the unparalleled services from Flat Rate Real Estate.

Why invest in Los Angeles real estate?


  • You can purchase the property and sell it shortly at a higher price. A few renovations can make the property more attractive and valuable.
  • Another way is purchasing the property and leasing it out to the tenants. As the Los Angeles real estate is booming, it is not hard to find the tenants. Then you can easily pay any mortgage present on the property and can earn the extra income.
  • Depending on the market at the time of buying and selling, you can earn high rates of return. Even the rates can be generous if compared with the regular profit margins.
  • You can get the tax advantages that are offered on the investment properties in Los Angeles.


No matter what your plans are regarding investing in Los Angeles real estate, we at Flat Rate Real Estate can help you in purchasing and selling properties.


No more need to pay high commissions; list and sell your property by paying a flat rate of $4700. Our aim is not to maximize our profits by charging you the percentage of the amount you get for your property, but we aim at increasing your profit and making the sales process easier for you.


Know a Little About Flat Rate Real Estate


Founded in 2001, Flat Rate Real Estate is a private real estate firm located in Los Angeles, CA. The firm is basically operated by Champion Realty. What makes our firm trustworthy is the fact that our broker has more than 30 years of experience in the different trades of real estate including the brokerage, consulting, investment and construction for both- the commercial and residential real estate industry.


It is Natalya Shcherbatyuk’s expertise and knowledge that let her plan a unique marketing and selling campaign for every property she represents. And the plans are created after inspecting the properties for their condition and any kind of repairs that need to be made. She makes every possible effort to sell her clients’ homes at the maximum possible price while keeping the service charges low.


Why We Are Named So?

We assume that you would have got an idea about our services from our name? Well, no matter even if you did not get to know. Let’s explain.

To say in short, we are a firm that helps the sellers to list their properties and sell them at the flat fee of $4700 rather than paying the 6% commission to the agent. If you are thinking that there would be the difference in the services being offered, there is nothing like that. By listing your property with us, you will get all the services that are provided by 6% agent but you would be paying less.


Pay a fixed amount and we will do everything to sell your house. Not only we ensure the seamless communication with our clients but also guide them to make informed decisions until their property is sold.


Why Flat Rate Real Estate?


  • No commissions; a flat fee for every sale.
  • Get your listing on all the public real estate websites.
  • You can cancel your listing anytime.
  • A comparative analysis to help you choose the right price for your home.
  • Complete guidance through the process until your property is sold.
  • Negotiations on your behalf.
  • Seamless communication channels.


Want to sell your house at a higher price while paying a reasonable amount to the agent? Feel free to contact us anytime.